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Hi, I’m Noel Sommerkamp. 🙂 I graduated at SAE Institute Germany in audio engineering (Bachelor & Diploma) and am currently freelancing offering services for escape rooms, video game developers, musicians and more. Have a look at what I have to offer:

Offered services

  • Music Production

    I record, produce, mix and master music on a highly professional level. Whether if it's a full band recording a full album or a single electronic artist wanting to release their first single - I'll give your art the shine it deserves. 🙂

  • Sound Design

    I record and design individual sound effects, foleys, atmos, etc. tailored for your project specifically. No copied sound effects everyone else has access to - everything is completely unique to your project, whether it's an escape room, a video game or an art exhibition.

  • Songwriting

    For well over 20 years I've been practicing and playing many instruments and am happy to write and record you and your project the soundtrack it needs!

  • Consulting

    Want to learn the arts and crafts of audio production or want to have feedback on a project of yours? I can help you to reach your goals faster.

  • Programming/Audio implementation

    You need audio work, but have no clue how to implement it in your code/game/program? No worries! I am more than familiar with middleware such as Wwise and have coding experience in Python, Java and Javascript as well.

Examples of my work: Sound Design

0:00 / 0:00
Cabin in the woods - Atmos
Tension - Score
Divine intervention - Score
Steampunk button - SFX
Gun - SFX
Water spell - SFX
Shepard's tone - SFX
Living Machines - SFX
Door opens - Foley

Get an impression of my work with these Escape Rooms that have their sounds designed by me:

Examples of my work: Music Production

0:00 / 0:00
Protect Attack - Deathcore/Beatdown Hardcore
Scourge - Slam
Das Angebot - NDH/Punk
72 - Punkrock
Toungeless - Black Metal
Space ship - Hyperpop
Into the night - Post Punk

Digital goodies

FREE IRs for your production

You are free to download and use these impulse responses in your production. Please refer to my website when doing so.

The impulse responses were delicately recorded, crafted and processed to be used in a modern production. Just drag the file into the IR-loader of your choice after the amplifying stage.

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